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Volunteer Name: Liana
Country: United States of America


Volunteer Name: Tamara
Country: Bosnia


Volunteer Name: Hassan
Country: United Arab Emirates


Volunteer Name: Mike
Country: United States of America


Volunteer Name: Kelly
Country: The United States of America (USA)


Volunteer Name: Charlotte
Country: The United States of America (USA)


Volunteer Name: Imran
Country: Pakistan


Volunteer Name: Wengie
Country: Philippine


Volunteer Name: Quang
Country: Vietnam


Volunteer Name: Willmer Alvarez
Country: Venezuela


Volunteer Name: Ana
Country: Macedonia


Volunteer Name: Miri
Country: Dutchland Germany


Volunteer Name: Li Han
Country: China


Volunteer Name: Micheal
Country: Jamaica


Volunteer Name: Yannick
Country: France


Volunteer Name: Dainis
Country: Latvia


Volunteer Name: Abdullah
Country: Bangladesh


Volunteer Name: Chole
Country: Hong Kong


Volunteer Name: Mari
Country: Ukraine


Volunteer Name: Alex
Country: Romania


Volunteer Name: Putri
Country: Indonesia


Volunteer Name: Ivana
Country: Croatia


Volunteer Name: Gert
Country: South Africa


Volunteer Name: Brian
Country: Philippines


Volunteer Name: Al Jassim
Country: Bahrain


Volunteer Name: Dale Baker
Country: USA


Volunteer Name: Hmidchi
Country: Algeria


Volunteer Name: Stephanie
Country: Belgium


Volunteer Name: Anas Al-Albayat
Country: Iraq

Volunteer Name: Sabah
Country: Morocco

Volunteer Name: Konan
Country: Ivory Coast

Volunteer Name: Joginder
Country: India

Volunteer Name: Peter
Country: Australia

Volunteer Name: Davis
Country: United Kingdom

Volunteer Name: Kamila
Country: Columbia


Volunteer Name: Neha
Country: India


Volunteer Name: Odunlade
Country: Nigeria


Volunteer Name: Ata
Country: Cameroon


Volunteer Name: Amina
Country: Morocco


Volunteer Name: Tamara
Country: Canada


Volunteer Name: Joanka
Country: Bulgaria


Volunteer Name: Elmer Nelson
Country: United States of America


Volunteer Name: Jade Latour
Country: France


Volunteer Name: Sewwandi
Country: Siri Lanka


Volunteer Name: Jose
Country: Portugal


Volunteer Name: Slim
Country: Tunas


Terrorism at the door,
Written & Directed by Hasan Sabaileh
at the International Festival of Ibn Battuta 2nd Edition

Volunteer Name: Sara Rajabli
Country: Azerbaijan


Volunteer Name: Samia Tawil
Country: Morocco


Volunteer Name: Gulnara
Country: Russia

Volunteer Name: Mohamed
Country: Saudi Arabia

Volunteer Name: Deon
Country: South Africa

Volunteer Name: Nanako Tomita
Country: Japan

Volunteer Name: Mayara Rahman
Country: Brazil

Volunteer Name: Sarro
Country: Senegal


Volunteer Name: Abir Imoula
Country: Morocco


Volunteer Name: Daniele
Country: Italy


Volunteer Name: Behram
Country: Turkey


Volunteer Name: Alberto
Country: Italy


Volunteer Name: Cara
Country: Philippine


volunteer calloutYour volunteer journey begins at theSecond Edition of International Festival of Ibn Battuta: “Travellers, the Ambassadors of Peace: where you can be a part of the world's leading festival featuring an exciting range of cultural, musical, carnival, conferences, forums, and exhibitions to promote peace.

Presented by the Moroccan Association of Ibn Battuta, the second Edition of the International Festival of Ibn Battuta will fall on the 9th up to 12th of November 2017 and will take place in Tangier, Morocco.

We are looking for volunteers who would like to share their time and motivation to help out with a variety of roles:

 Front of the house / Tour guide volunteers/Hospitality/Ushering

  • Ensures that all guests and visitors will have a positive Experience during the festival
  • Dealing with any queries and complaints and referring them to the relevant person or department.
  • Maintaining a welcoming and friendly atmosphere
  • Assist and guide VIP’s to their assigned seats
  • Communicate with the Event Coordinator as to changes that may need to be made.
  • Any other duties deemed necessary.

Digital Concierge

  • Manage the guests and attendees online registration
  • Create and develop a mobile app, IOS / Android based app containing the Festival activities Schedule and location.
  • Maintain and update Festival activities and schedules.

Marketing/Group Connections

  • Welcome and direct Festival’s guests and attendees
  • Assist with group registration badges, gifts and provide general Festival information.
  • Individuals must have a positive demeanor and possess a willingness to help guests and Attendees.

Public Relations

  • Manage media check-in table.
  • Manage sign-in logs.
  • Distribute and account for media credentials.
  • Onsite assistance with PR/media related events.
  • Other duties to be assigned.
  • Promote the Festival internationally and Globally

Community Managers and Social Media Experts:

  • These volunteers must be experienced on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms.
  • Knowledgeable about posting protocol and social media best practices (use of hashtags, re-tweeting, sharing and attribution, etc.).
  • Volunteers must be on site for the duration of the festival.
  • Keeping our social media pages up to date from time to time.
  • Inspiring others to comment on our posts and share their own captured photos.

Media / Journalists and Live Bloggers

  • Provide brief, but captivating reports about his/her experiences at the conference
  • Give live reports thru TV Channels / Social Media Live
  • Coordinate with local and international newspapers, magazine and publications to submit reports and updates about the festival.

AV Specialist /Production Manager/Technical and Creative Director

  • Designing event specific AV setups involving screens, switching, visual monitors, presentations and other equipment.
  • Prior to the event, prepare and set up all AV equipment line with technical event functions - Running and directing the daily festival program.

Light and Sound Technicians

  • Work behind the scenes on performances to make sure the light transitions are smooth and the sound is balanced.

Props and Backstage Crew, Costume and Wardrobe Staff

  • Assist backstage with cast and crew to ensure a smooth performance.
  • Construction and designing or create a stage set up for upcoming productions.
  • Collect and/or construct costumes and help the actors during the show.

Makeup artist and hair stylist

  • Help actors before performances with makeup or hair, as needed;
  • Assist costume designer prior to show
  • Doing a complete professional and make up for the theater artists and performers
  • Read scripts to ascertain the materials and the look required.
  • Work quickly and accurately under pressure.

Photographers and Videographers

  • To be on site throughout the festival taking a range of high-quality event photos on specific focus areas that will be discussed by the Event Manager beforehand.

Peace and Order / Traffic and Crowd Control Volunteers

  • Event security takes on the role of ensuring all guests, staff, and volunteers are safe and protected during the Festival.
  • This might include setting up security checkpoints and procedures
  • Providing additional protection for any high-profile guests.
  • Control traffic especially during the outdoor activities


  • Logistics Coordinators must be on site with appropriate signage to provide directions and service assistance for local volunteers, attendees, and guests.
  • Communicate any problems, such as delays, accidents, changes, etc.
  • Coordinate the allocation of vehicles transporting guests, VIP’s  from hotels to various Locatios including airport, hotel and venue, etc. Give drivers’ instructions on guests and VIP itineraries.

Translation System and Interpreters:

  • Serve as translator or interpreter for non-English speaking conference attendees requiring assistance with any language required.
  • Assist at the table handing out the translation headsets, collecting them and returning attendees ID’s.

Exhibit Hall Volunteer

  • Exhibit Hall volunteers are responsible for checking in and assisting exhibitors.
  • Encouraging participants to visit the Hall.
  • Ensure that all logistical and environmental requirements are in place and functional, for the smooth running of  exhibition and the comfort of the delegates and exhibitors
  • Ensure that the exhibitor seminar area is set up and maintained as required
  • Ensure all session signage is in place

Fundraising / Sponsorship Manager:

  • Seek to raise sponsorship funds for the Festival
  • Keep a proper record of sponsor details
  • Make sure sponsor representatives are met when attending functions or events daily
  • Liaise with the social committee regarding sponsor invitations and special function calendars
  • Liaise with competition coordinators to ensure that sponsors get recognition
  • Send out a thank you letter at the completion of the season and a sponsor survey to support planning for the following year.

Doctors and Medical Assistants

  • Provides medical assistance in case of emergencies.
  • Provide reception support and give general information in case of emergencies
  • Provide assistance and first aidsto victims of accidents or medical emergenci

Theater- Ticket Takers

  • Greeting guests as they go into the theater and make sure all tickets are scanned as patrons enter the house.
  • Welcome the guests upon arrival.
  • This role will work closely with the house manager and volunteer coordinator before, during and after the performance.


  • Communicating, maintaining and ensuring that the program will be running Smooth kin cooperation with the Technical Director.
  • Making sure that the over all departments and volunteers and functioning on correctly and on time.
  • Reporting to The Moroccan Association of IBN Battuta Festival’s organizing committee.

Clean up drive volunteers

  • Ensure the area is kept clean and tidy, free of rubbish and that all signage is in place
  • Pick up wasteall over the event are throughout the day
  • Change filled garbage bags and replace with new ones
  • Check to make sure all areas are clean

We want you to have a wonderful time working with us and so we’re keen for you to participate in whatever area that interests you most.Make the most of your volunteer practice by gaining experience, learning and enjoying!

A volunteering is open to everyone who is interested to have a close and unique look behind the scenes. We are openhearted and curious for all new ideas which you like to share with us and might want to bring in. We appreciate and looking forward to your support.

Be a volunteer… Make a difference


  • Personal Property:The organizing committee will not be responsible for the loss, theft or damage to any property brought to the venue. Please leave valuables at home and take note of where any stored items are kept during the event.
  • Injury:The Moroccan Association of Ibn Batuta does not assume any responsibility or commitment to provide financial or other assistance, including medical, health, or disability insurance in the event of injury, illness, death, or property damage.
  • Assumption of Risk:  There are hazards and possibilities of risk related with the Event; and that, except as expressly set forth herein, they, knowingly and willingly, agree, and undertake accountability for, each of these possible dangers, and all other risks that mayoccur out of, or occur during, volunteersinvolvement in the Event.
  • Additional Costs:  Any extra costs acquired by the volunteer to work in the Festival including transportation, parking fees, etc.  Are not accountable to the organizing Committee, The Morrocan Association of IBN Battuta.
  • Attendance: The volunteers are oblige to report to the volunteer supervisor 48 hours prior to the event if he/she is unable to fulfill their commitment.It is expected that volunteers will remain in the concession for the duration of the shift.
  • Copyright of materials: The Moroccan Association of IBN Battuta is not accountable for any fabricated, incorrect, untimely or inadequate information presented on the blogs, media and any publication hubs. Any reliance that the writers published on such material is therefore strictly at your own risk.

Opinions, thoughts, Ideasspoken, expressed and communicated by the bloggers and those providing comments are theirs alone, and do not reflect the sentiments, opinions, thoughts and ideas of The Moroccan Association of IBN Battuta.The Moroccan Association of IBN Battuta is not liable for the accuracy of any of the information provided by bloggers, writers or in relation to any comments that are posted. The situations change and that news/reports that may have been precise at the time of posting will not automatically remain so.

Effects of an Event of Force Majeure

Either Party shall be excused from performance and shall not be in default in respect of any obligation hereunder to the extent that the failure to perform such obligation is due to a Natural Force Majeure Event.

Your participation, contribution and involvement in the Festivalis at your own risk. Your decision to participate and contribute as a volunteer is made of your own free will. You assume full responsibility and accountability for any risk that may arise out of or related to the Festival.